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Whaaa? Face wash made from honey?!

You’ve heard honey is a skincare star, but it’s so sticky! Even if it is an amazing humectant that attracts moisture & helps to regulate oil, wouldn’t it be a hassle getting it on & off your face every day...?

Enter Face Honey honey face wash, the natural skincare product your skin has been dreaming of!

Now with pure, raw, unheated Tasmanian Leatherwood honey containing antioxidant levels ranking among the highest in the world!

ALMOST PEGGY face honey is a daily, exfoliating face wash for all skin types to help acheive & maintain a clean, clear & nourished complexion, naturally!

Honey for your face, not your toast

Forget the slow drizzle & glue-like-stickiness. Reap the antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal & antibiotic benefits of honey with a product containing enough of it to deliver them. Combined with a coating of skin-nourishing natural oils, Face Honey glides on & off in a breeze. Plus it contains nature’s best gentle exfoliant for an extra smooth, gentle and super clean experience, daily.

Voila! Enjoy one of nature’s most potent natural skincare treatments without the mess!

That Face Honey feeliiiiing!

Get ready for some honey-magic! With regular use, enjoy a smoother, clearer & healthier complexion. The best part? Leave chemical city behind & focus on zenning-out in your Face-Honey happy place (maybe it looks a little like this outdoor bath scene?)

Suss out all the other benefits of Face Honey below.

that ALMST PEGGY face honey feeling! get smoother, clearer & healthier skin with Face Honey's all time formula.

Shed the past, exfoliate!

Let go of the cells that want to be free & jump aboard the Face Honey exfoliation train; next stop Smooth Town, population: your face!

With daily use, you’ll unclog your pores, shed yesterday’s nonsense & say hey there to a soft, clear & nourished complexion. It's our natural skincare mission to pamper your profile with the most gentle and effective honey face wash on the market!

Banish heckin blemishes

Breaking out on your face instead of the dance floor? We know the feeling Rolling eyes emojie

Get the ultimate pimple prevention with Face Honey all-natural honey face wash. With raw honey’s antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties; grapeseed oil’s high linoleic acid composition; and the pore-clearing-power of Face Honey's natural exfoliant - an aluminium-free & organic bicarbonate soda - you can shut the front door on clogged pores & acne causing bacteria!

ALMOST PEGGY Face Honey prevents acne, blemishes & breakouts, naturally!

Earth mammy to the rescue

We've gone back to basics to gather the best all-natural, super effective ingredients that are healthy for your skin.

Face Honey is 100% synthetic & petro-chemical free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, is a soap-free face wash, is non-comedogenic & has no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLES) or any other noxious additives whatsoever, meaning your skin can breathe easy knowing it's ditched the unnecessary chemicals completely!

An after party face-off

What goes up must go down. The drain that is. Clean off your makeup without exposing your skin to harsh chemicals & solvents.

Face Honey’s alcohol-free, soap-free & paraben-free formula is a gentle, natural way to get fresh faced. As for microbeads, heck no! Wash away mascara not marine life! You'll find no microbeads round these parts.

ALMOST PEGGY Face Honey removes makeup gently, without the need for chemicals or harsh, damaging rubbing.

Oil balanced, boom!

Just like the perfect peanut butter, Face Honey won’t leave you oily or dry.

Whether you’re shiny by lunchtime; dry, cracked & itchy; sensitive to the core; or pretty much ‘normal’, your skin will thrive with Face Honey’s precise, non-comedogenic oil balancing act.

But psst, it's for your face, don’t eat!

Earthlings unite!

Face Honey is lovingly created, designed & manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, but thanks to the virtues of the world wide web, we are a part of the global community movement toward a sustainable future.

Our packaging is totally recyclable, so whether you’re in Richmond or Rio, pop the empty pack in the nearest recycling bin.

ALMOST PEGGY Face Honey packaging is totally recyclable. so don't forget to do the right thing & pop it in the recycling bin!

Animals be thy frens

ALMOST PEGGY is a crazy dog lady. There, we said it. She talks about dogs, posts about dogs, and dreams about owning MORE DOGS. She really loves dogs, and not only dogs but all animals great & smol 😉!

We do not test on animals & only use honey from apiaries that practice non-harmful, non-invasive harvesting & hive tending practices.

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What the media are saying

“This hits a natural skincare home run…”
- Stephanie Darling, Beauty Editor, Sunday Life Magazine in The Sunday Age (Melbourne) & The Sun-Herald (Sydney).

“[Face Honey is] a product that I'm obsessed with at the moment… it's really a wow product”
- Amea May, Makeup Artist, Beauty Therapist & Beauty Vlogger from Australia.

“Go get it!”
- Veronica Stanford, Fashion Journal.


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