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Face of the Month: Professor Liz Harry

Face of the Month: Professor Liz Harry

As makers of Face Honey we're all about faces, so every month we highlight a face that belongs to someone impressive! This month we tip our hats to:

Microbiologist Liz Harry

Professor Liz Harry is impressive. Not only is she an award-winning pioneer in techniques for studying bacteria, she is part of Oz Honey Project an Australian research team collecting honey samples from all over Australia to see whether it has Manuka-level antibiotic properties (we do have the same leptospermum plant here, after all!)

What a cool job! You're welcome to be a Face Honey hunnie any ol' time Liz!

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Image: ABC News online Accessed:

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Jul 24, 2017 • Posted by Jenny R

I love seeing news about women in the sciences. It is such an inspiration to young girls and women everywhere and is a positive sign for the future!

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