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We love faces!
Professor Fiona Wood, AM

Posted by ALMOST PEGGY on
We love faces!<br /> Professor Fiona Wood, AM

As makers of Face Honey we're all about faces, so every month we highlight a face that belongs to someone impressive! This month we tip our hats to:

Fiona Wood and her "spray-on-skin"

A true modern day pioneer, Professor Fiona Wood is the creative genius behind "spray-on-skin". Fiona was born in England where she commenced her medical degree before moving to Australia in 1987. By the beginning of the 1990's she had completed her physician's training with a dual focus on cleft palates and burns, and in 1991 became the Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia. 

In 1993, Fiona and her colleague, Marie Stoner, garnered funding through a Telethon grant to open a skin culture facility. It was here they engineered "spray-on-skin", a revolutionary, world-first product made from confluent sheets of cultured epithelial autograph, or CEA, and aerosol-delivered cell-clusters, which has since gone on to treat thousands of burn victims world-wide!

Fiona's incomparable contribution to human skin makes her, without a doubt, an honorary lifetime Face Honey hunnie.

Lucy & Clare @ Almost Peggy xx

Image: Australian Geographic online Accessed:




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