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We love faces!
Sara Mapelli who danced with 10,000 bees

Posted by ALMOST PEGGY on
We love faces!<br /> Sara Mapelli who danced with 10,000 bees

As makers of Face Honey we're all about faces, so every month we highlight a face that belongs to someone impressive! This month we tip our hats to:

Sara Mapelli and her dance with bees

Sara Mapelli is known as Bee Queen or Bee Dancer and performed a dance with a ‘bee blouse’ formed by 10,000 bees covering her naked torso. Working with an entomologist, Sara designed the performance to help people commune with nature, and it includes a tea party where Sara's bee blouse stays intact.

Sara’s performance has had 800k+ views on YouTube, and the follow up video, How to remove a bee blouse, has had even more (once you see the slow motion view of how Sara removes the bee blouse, you'll see why!). You can also read Sara’s interview with National Geographic to learn more about the intention of her work.

What an incredible world we live in that is so full of imaginative minds!

Lucy & Clare @ Almost Peggy xx

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