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All we want for International Women's Day is a momentum of women

Posted by ALMOST PEGGY on
All we want for International Women's Day is a momentum of women

Gaggle, we are not

March 8th marks the day women around the globe are recognised as a force of nature [herself], brave and determined, deserving and commanding of pride and adulation, a day for appreciation, respect and unity.

For many, this recognition focuses on the continued rejection of oppression and subjugation in situations where the basic human right to bodily autonomy goes unobserved. For many others, today is a time to highlight and applaud personal career and life achievements in contexts where it's still all too easy to believe parity has been reached (for the record, it has not been achieved anywhere).

Though still without parity, we are prepared to fight and our collective voice can no longer be ignored. With every March 8th we celebrate, this sentiment only grows stronger

So, why-oh-why is the collective noun for such an all-time, arse-kicking, life-giving, world changing invention-creating, 49.6% of the earth's population, group still referred to as a "gaggle of women"!!?

Gaggle [gag-uh l]

verb (used without object), gaggled, gaggling.
1. to cackle.

2. a flock of geese when not flying.
3. an often noisy or disorderly group or gathering
4. an assortment of related things.

**Loud, extended and bored uggghhhhhh**

Well not today, my friend, and no other day after that. This International Women's Day marks the day on which this offensive and antiquated noun gets the feminine touch; World, we are here, we are fierce and we are formidable; we are a momentum of women!

Momentum [moh-men-tuh-m}

1. force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events.
2. Also called linear momentum. Mechanics. a quantity expressing the motion of a body or system, equal to the product of the mass of a body and its velocity, and for a system equal to the vector sum of the products of mass and velocity of each particle in the system.
3. Philosophy. moment.

Sounds spot on to us!

Happy IWD, hunnies

Lucy & Clare @ Almost Peggy xx

Knowledge is power

    Image Omar Lopez on Unsplash

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