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Face Honey


100% natural daily face wash

Exfoliating | Breakout-fighting | Nourishing

Whether you’re shiny by lunchtime; dry, cracked and itchy; sensitive to the core; or pretty much ‘normal’, skin thrives with Face Honey’s precise, non-comedogenic oil balancing act.

This raw honey mix is a gentle, 100% natural way to manage skin issues and clean your face. So you can ditch the harsh chemicals completely.

We've only added four other natural ingredients to make our honey face wash especially good for acne, hormonal breakouts, dry skin and oil imbalance.


Almost Peggy Face Honey contains raw Tasmanian leatherwood honey   Leatherwood honey
Antioxidant 💯 and antibacterial 🙌
Almost Peggy Face Honey contains organic bicarbonate soda   Organic bi-carb soda
100% natural and gentle exfoliant
Almost Peggy Face Honey contains Vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil   Grapeseed oil
Non-comedogenic; high linoleic acid composition
Almost Peggy Face Honey contains Citrus limonum (lemon) essential oil   Lemon essential oil
Complexion clarifying properties; zesty
Almost Peggy Face Honey contains citrus aurantifolia (lime) essential oil   Lime essential oil
Anti-inflammatory compounds; zestier 😉

And that's it. Super simple skin care with only five ingredients.

100% natural

Almost Peggy Face Honey contains no synthetic or petro-chemicals    No synthetic chemicals
Paraben-free, alcohol-free, no SLE / SLES / EDTA
Almost Peggy honey comes from apiaries that practice minimal hive interference    Happy bee policy
Minimal hive interference
Almost Peggy Face Honey is not tested on animals    Cruelty free
Not tested on animals
Almost Peggy Face Honey comes in recyclable packaging    Recyclable packaging
PE (polyethylene) plastic

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