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Almost Peggy: an accidental Australian skin care company

Hello. We’re Australian sisters who live with adult acne. Yep, we’re related, and we breakout on the regular. It sucks. It really, really sucks (well being related is ok most of the time, we guess 😉).

What sucks the most is we haven’t found any skin care companies with affordable products that help us manage breakouts reliably, without causing further issues like making our skin drier than a summer creek bed, or featuring more bleach than a hospital floor.

So in our skin care misery, we did the usual: complained incessantly; did some good ol’ emotional eating; and spent more money than we should with some of the top Australian skincare brands (and you know there is some really good Aussie made skin care available!). Total bummer nothing worked well enough for us to stop seeking other options.

When we got really desperate, we even resorted to some homemade remedies. Now, this next bit might come as a surprise to some of you, but one of these natural skin care experiments worked! It just worked.

It was a super simple mix that we called Face Honey, because the main ingredient is honey, and it’s for your face (ta-da!). It actually worked so well, that after we started using it, we found even a day or two without it, and our skin would start breaking out again. So we stuck to it (ba dum tssssshh).

After a while we decided that Face Honey was too good not to share. And if we were going to share Face Honey with the world, we decided to call ourselves Almost Peggy.

Almost Peggy because this was almost the name of our niece. Almost Peggy because we were almost unempowered and unwilling to put ourselves out there. Almost Peggy because we were almost swept away by the never-ending hurricane of imposed beauty standards that make us question whether it’s ok to just be almost perfect.

Somewhere along the line this meant morphing into a kind of Australian skincare company ourselves. I mean, we gave ourselves a name, put up a website and started taking orders! And it turns out it was not in vain, as other people seem to really like Face Honey too! (queue Aretha Franklin).

So now we are almost an Australian skincare brand 😊. The Aussie made skin care industry is formidable, and we don’t want to compete (we almost didn’t!). But we did want to share what works for us, so now we do.

You can read more about our Face Honey face wash and the benefits of honey for skin elsewhere on this website. For now, we will leave you with this:

We are not an aspirational beauty brand that is going to tell you how we can magically fix all your problems. After all, washing your face is only one part of achieving healthy skin, and we are learning not to be too hard on ourselves (we certainly still do a little emotional eating; sweat our faces off when we exercise; drink booze; and you know, have hormones).

BUT despite all our 'imperfections' (read: just living our best lives), Face Honey still manages to counteract the sugar, sweat and cycle symptoms on our acne-prone skin the majority of the time (we all know perfection is a myth!). We hope it works for you too.

Lucy & Clare @ AP xx

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