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Benefits of honey for skin

Honey for skin

What does honey do for your skin?

Because of honey’s antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, it is a 100% natural and gentle way to wash your face and maintain healthy skin. This includes soothing dry skin, balancing oily skin, and helping to calm and prevent acne and hormonal breakouts.

Is raw honey good for acne-prone skin?

Yes, and that's the exact reason we started using it on our own acne-prone skin. Raw honey is a natural, gentle alternative to using harsh products for acne breakouts. 

Along with antioxidant and antibacterial properties, raw honey is also an amazing humectant that attracts moisture and helps to regulate oil.

What type of honey is best for your skin?

Pure, raw, unheated honey is best for skin. This means honey for your face, not your toast!

While all raw honey is pretty great in our experience, we specifically chose to start using Tasmanian leatherwood honey because its antibacterial activity can measure up to 35% phenol equivalent. This is the same test commonly used to provide the UMF rating of manuka honey.

What type of skin benefits from honey?

This is also why the University of Sydney and University of Tasmania both reported antimicrobial and antifungal actions in leatherwood honey of therapeutic benefit. And why we use it in our honey face wash to manage hormonal acne and other breakouts naturally, instead of using harsher products.

Tasmanian leatherwood honey also has antioxidant levels ranking among the highest in the world (Novost, 2009), meaning plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe red, dry skin.

So far leatherwood honey has not been touted as a panacea for every ailment imaginable, and so it remains affordable to use in our humble honey face wash. So shhhhh 😉

How do you wash your face with honey?

Now you know about the benefits of putting honey on your skin, but still, it's so sticky! Wouldn’t it be a hassle applying honey on your face everyday as part of your skin care routine?

That's why we made Face Honey, a natural raw honey mix that's easy to get on and off your face, without compromising on honey content.

How to wash your face with honey

We've taken a whole lotta raw honey (not just a token amount!) and mixed it with non-comedogenic natural oils that nourish while helping the honey glide on and off skin; plus the pore-clearing-power of Face Honey's natural exfoliant (organic bicarbonate soda), to maximise the benefits for acne breakouts and oil imbalance. 

So to wash your face with Face Honey, just add water (and your face 😊).

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